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Wegman Patners

Founded in 2005 by Colby Wegman, Wegman Partners is the premier legal search firm in the country. While no law firm can guarantee results for their clients, there is no denying that better attorneys provide a higher likelihood of success. This is why law firms from around the globe seek out the best partners to add to their firm. Wegman Partners understands how critical winning lawsuits can be for the clients of a law firm. All coming from a legal background themselves, the experts at Wegman Partners do everything they can to find the ideal candidate for a law firm. Often, one of the driving factors of the right fit is their track record of success when it comes to lawsuits.

Because Wegman Partners understands the importance of winning lawsuits, they know what to look for in a successful partner. For instance, any legal professional with a track record of promising results is someone that should not ever be considered as a partner. What a legal partner should have is a track record of success in preparing lawsuits where compensation is being sought for harms, losses and injuries suffered due to some type of carelessness. Just as Wegman Partners weeds out candidates who do not fit the proper criteria, attorneys must show good judgment in the cases they pursue. A strong potential partner will also understand that even the best cases in the world can be rejected by a jury of one’s peers. This is why a lawyer should have a track record of working out deals before a case ever makes it to trial. This can save their clients time and money and often provide the greatest financial compensation possible.

With as educated as lawyers must be in America, it may surprise some to hear the amount of weight Wegman Partners places on finding attorneys who practice common sense in the court room. In order for justice to be served, a lawyer must be honest, personable and refuse to exaggerate. Little white lies are dangerous and can not only hurt the client being represented but end up putting the entire reputation of a law firm at risk. Any lawyer who overstates the amount of damages or exaggerates the losses suffered by their client not only provide a point that a good lawyer on the other side of the case can easily exploit, they also destroy the credibility of their client. Anything clearly perceived as a cash grab is most likely not going to fly in the court of law.

Ultimately, lawsuits should be won or lost on facts. If a person is injured and decides to file a lawsuit to make up for damages, the are going to need medical records to backup the facts of the injury. No doctor is going to help perpetuate an over-exaggeration. Any contradiction in the lawyer’s claims and the medical records will get a case tossed out quickly. Credibility is everything in a lawsuit and it is everything for a law firm. Wegman Partners will always ensure that the candidates they present to a law firm have a sterling record of honesty, integrity and communication skills. The personality of a lawyer matters. They can’t seem spiteful in court. They need to have a professional demeanor and show a clear respect for the process. Every lawyer is a representation of their client and the firm they represent. Wegman Partners ensures that the candidates they recommend are great lawyers and great people.