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Wegman Partners on the Traits of an Exceptional Paralegal

Ask any attorney, and they will say that paralegals are the powerhouse of the law firm. A paralegal’s job can be complex, taxing, and often includes juggling more than a few tasks at once. With such a difficult position, finding someone who is both up to the job and a good fit for your team can be challenging. Luckily, Wegman Partners knows a thing or two about finding exceptional paralegals and the process of matching them to their perfect law-firm. During Wegman Partners more than fifteen years of business, Colby Wegman and his team have helped hundreds of firms find their ideal paralegal candidate by creating by pre-screening candidates and accepting only the most promising paralegals. Wegman Partners’ lawsuit paralegals are known internationally for their expertise and proficiency within the workplace. Below, Wegman Partners will discuss the traits they most look for in a paralegal candidate. 

Writing/ Editing Skills 

While law often emphasizes the importance of speech in the courtroom, within a law firm, writing is king. Documentation, research summarization, and the other everyday tasks of a paralegal require outstanding writing skills. Their writing cannot only parrot information but must convince the reader of a well-thought argument or concept. For this reason, when identifying a strong paralegal candidate, look for an English background or previous writing experience. 

Research Skills 

The process of locating information quickly and documenting it without error is essential to any legal team. Researching a subject, especially in the context of law, is a skill set that not all possess. However, research must come easy for a paralegal professional as many research assignments will be given with a time constraint.  

Organization and Time Management 

As touched on earlier, a paralegal is rarely afforded the time to focus exclusively on one task. They must instead juggle various cases with different task deadlines and prioritize certain aspects of a case above another’s. Keeping track of a large number of work requests is no easy feat; however, it is the first mark of a good paralegal. By asking candidates about any previous experience dealing with a high volume workload, you may better understand their ability to organize and manage their time. 

Team Player

There is a reason legal teams are referred to as teams. A paralegal candidate can excel in all fields mentioned previously; however, if a candidate isn’t personable, their attitude may affect the team. Paralegals spend a large amount of time paired with an attorney, and while this dynamic can accomplishes great things, they must be able to communicate and remain on good terms to excel at their jobs. 

Wegman Partners Discusses Traits of a Successful Law Firm

Wegman Partners knows from working with their vast client base that every law firm is looking to increase their amount of success and every lawyer is looking to join a firm built for sustained success. This can make one wonder what the criteria is of a successful and dynamic law firm. Today, Wegman Partners will begin breaking down the most important characteristics of a thriving law firm.

It is not a surprise to say the best law firms have driven lawyers who are committed to the success of their clients. However, when a firm is made up of single practices under one roof that do not actually interact, it can lead to in-fighting and unhealthy competition. Successful firms look to highlight their ability in a specialized area. It’s a lot tougher to compete as a general practice. Switching from a full-service mentality to a singular focus will also make marketing the firm that much easier.

A commitment to evolving is important for a law firm. Not only is it not okay to rest on the fact that the last case was successful, it is not advisable to allow technology at the firm to grow outdated. The best way to tract a firm’s commitment to evolving is to survey employees within the organization anonymously. Employees can provide feedback on the types of technological advancements that will help them do their jobs most effectively. Not only is internal feedback great, but it’s a great idea to get feedback from clients. There’s no greater marketing than word-of-mouth referrals.  Every successful firm is committed to the happiness of their client base. Even in a losing effort, how a client is treated will speak volumes in how they talk about the firm they acquired.

There’s an old saying that ‘iron sharpens iron.’ It is certainly true that being around great lawyers can make a lawyer better at their job. It’s also true that this idea only works if every lawyer within a firm is a team player. People need to be willing to share their ideas and remain committed to the success of every member of the law firm. Wegman Partners sees that most employees who are loyal to a firm are more willing to buy-in to a team mentality. Loyalty within a firm is earned through trust, respect and transparency from ownership. Getting lawyers to buy in to a vision is possible when they feel like they are part of said vision.